• Use as a short term retailing platform
  • Designer/sales agent sales
  • Can be used for promotional tie-in sales/giveaways
  • Seasonal, event specific and trend based sales


  • High exposure
  • Guerrilla
  • Experiential
  • Quiz/competition based activities
  • Product launches
  • Start-up business exposure
  • Wholesale exposure to retailers

Public relations

  • Promote corporate image / strategy
  • Promote social responsibilty initiatives
  • Promote environmental responsibility initiatives
  • Press conferences in retail environments
  • Product/service launches
  • Increase/challenge public awareness of the brand


  • Convenient locations to train from
  • Realistic training environments
  • Ideal for quick roll-out training needs
  • Technology clinics


  • Regional bases
  • High recruitment exposure through prime locations
  • Road show format available as an option
  • Evening recruitment events
  • Localised recruitment for large scale projects e.g. Olympics, venues, supermarkets

Product testing

  • Market research
  • Nationwide testing
  • Assess demographics/market suitability/viability

Customer service

  • ‘Try before you buy’ concept
  • Seasonal returns base
  • Key client/customer entertainment
  • Networking events
  • Increased accesibilty during busy periods